The Global Research Network on Parliaments and People (GRNPP) was launched in 2017. It is led by Emma Crewe and sustained by an international cohort of Fellows, partners, and advisors from Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Myanmar and the United Kingdom.

GRNPP was originally established as part of the ‘Deepening Democracy’ project (2017-2021), a collaboration with the Hansard Society, which was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Global Challenges Research Fund, to create interdisciplinary research opportunities and support research capacity development in Ethiopia and Myanmar. Our partners’ research and outputs library demonstrate the talent of national scholars and artists in those two countries.

The Global Research Network remains focused on researching the relationship between parliaments and people but has since widened its scope and activities. With a major European Research Council Advanced Grant scholars and film-makers are undertaking comparative research on parliaments or councils in six countries, innovating new forms of collaborative and visual ethnography.

GRNPP also engages in advocacy to mobilise global voices in academic, creative industry and policy-making environments. With support from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Mursi community in Ethiopia, the South Omo Theatre Company, Addis Ababa University and GRNPP will be in partnership to facilitate Mursi-led research, film-making and advocacy to create alliances with their neighbours as well as their own and other governments.