In October 2019 we brought together participants from across Ethiopia to Mekelle to present their research on the relationship between parliaments and people, consider how to publish their findings and discuss the possibilities for wider societal impact. Those attending the workshop included academics, civil society activists and people working in the cultural and creative industries. Nearly half of those who took part were women, most were young, and avoiding the usual Addis-centric approach, participants were drawn from across Ethiopia – from Assosa in the West, to Harar in the East, from Afar in the North and South Omo in the South.

As part of the GRNPP’s wider ‘decolonising research’ agenda, the workshop addressed barriers to participation for Ethiopian scholars by seeking to bridge gaps in access to sites of publication and promote the academic credibility of researchers from the Global South. Over the week opportunities were created to work in groups and individually with mentors to discuss develop pathways to publication and impact. On the final morning participants presented their research results to an audience of staff and students at Mekelle University. We have uploaded some of the advice for the benefit of others scholars. This writing workshop was funded by a British Academy grant.