Ethnographies of Parliaments, Politicians and People

A team of scholars around the world have been exploring the ruptures in relationships between politicians and others in society in Brazil, Ethiopia, Fiji, India, the UK and the US since 2020 with an European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant of €2.5 million.

Our research focuses on crises of representation and pathways towards more inclusive and well-informed communication between politicians and people.  This coalition of film-makers, artists and ethnographers is aiming to influence how elected representatives are studied both within and outside parliaments.  You can see our findings in our resource library and in an exhibition we are holding in the Brunei Gallery, SOAS from 12th January to 16th March 2024: Living Democracy, Frayed Entanglements.

Parliament of the Republic of Fiji, Fiji

Sao Paulo City Council, Brazil

Westminster Parliament, U.K.

Shefield City Council, U.K.