Publication Type: Art work
Countries: Myanmar
Authors: Min Arkar Htet NuNu Hlaing Tavoyan Women's Union
Funders: AHRC GCRF

Tavoyan Women’s Union researched barriers to women’s participation in political leadership in the Tanintharyi region, Dawei, Myanmar, and made recommendations around this as part of the country’s democratisation process. In addition to writing reports for the regional parliaments they explored new modes of representing their findings and engaging with multiple audiences. Embarking on a creative collaboration with Mon native, Min Arkar Htet, a doctor and self-taught illustrator, they produced a series of six illustrations, which were exhibited at the ground-breaking Ahnu Thutaythana Festival as part of the ‘Reducing inequalities in public engagement’ project, in Yangon in 2019, and sparked reflection and discussion about women in politics.