Publication Type: Book
Countries: Ethiopia
Authors: Meheret Ayenew Nega Wubie Tsedey Mekonnen
Funders: DFID ESRC

Parliament-public engagement is the essence of a healthy democracy, argue the authors of this book which is an output of a collaborative project between SOAS University of London and the Forum for Social Studies in Addis Ababa. Set within an historical context, and presenting case studies about MPs in their constituencies, the experience of women MPs, and the role of the public in policy- and law-making, this publication has important findings and recommendations for policy-makers in Ethiopia and other countries facing political turbulence. It is based on research that inspired the establishment of the Global Research Network on Parliaments and People. The full reference for this book is: M. Ayenew, W. Nega, and T. Mekonnen (2019). Parliament-Public Engagement in Ethiopia: Selected Notes and Case Studies on a Politically Fragile State. Addis Ababa: Forum for Social Studies.