Publication Type: Exhibition
Countries: Brazil
Authors: Erica Burini Telma Hoyler
Funders: ERC

For this remarkable exhibition, managed by Telma Hoyler and curated by Erica Burini, they asked Brazilian artists to present their work on ‘The Rule and the Exception’. They investigated how people, including the artists, react to norms, laws, ordinances, impositions, precepts, prescriptions, guidelines and determinations, among other rules, emphasising those formally written by governments and parliaments. They asked: How do they perceive the different ways of making, engaging and consuming policy and politics? It was held at the independent art centre Atelié397 in Såo Paulo from 15 April to 13 May 2023, as part of the Ethnographies of Parliaments, Politicians and People project. Below you can see the catalogue, which a collection of curatorial essays, photographs and a description of each artwork.