Dr. Netsanet Gebremichael


Dr Netsanet Gebremichael is a researcher at the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa University, having completed her PhD at Makerere Institute of Social Research in Uganda. Her project maps women’s resistance in historical Ethiopian politics, and examines how women’s issues and womanhood have been framed since the time of the Ethiopian student movement of the 1950s-70s. The research comprises archival analysis of the Ethiopian student movement and its oral and written records, as well as the biographies, memoirs, novels, and films written and produced by its women members, and interviews with key women informants.

After writing and disseminating the research findings, Dr Netsanet Gebremichael organised a workshop and public seminar, which involved the presentations of primary source documentations in form of annotated source description and analysis, transcribed oral documents, visual-video production on oral history interviews with footages from archives such as letters, leaflets, and personal photographs of interviewees.

She shared her findings in an exhibition on the history of women’s resistance in Ethiopia held in May 2021 at the Gebre Kristos Desta Modern Art Museum in Addis Ababa. Displaying material drawn from public and private archives, as well as excerpts of oral history testimonies, this multimedia  exhibition  traced the  evolution  and  framing of Women’s Questions within the Ethiopian Student  Movement. 

In the three part video below Dr Netsanet introduces the research, explains her compiled archive and oral history collection and finally tells us about the public archive.




Part 1 introduction

Part 2 oral history

Part 3 public archive

An exhibition at the Gebre Kristos Desta Modern Art Museum in Addis Ababa 2021