Nicole Beardsworth and Assefa Fiseha

This project puts young people and parliamentarians in Ethiopia in conversation with each other about the efficacy of political institutions, and how to make them more inclusive and representative of the country’s youth. Young Ethiopian researchers are conducting an ethnographic video project to allow youths in two of the country’s regions (Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region and Oromia) to express their views on their access to representative institutions and the responsiveness of the state to their needs, with the aim of advocating for more inclusive democracy. The project also connects with parliamentarians about the importance of engaging with, and listening to, youth groups; and conducting outreach amongst them that can help shape legislation. The project is novel for putting young people and parliamentarians in conversation with each other, using participatory film-making and dialogue, and contributes to the call for grassroots pressures for change, and for increased and meaningful youth participation in democratic reform.