Publication Type: Book
Countries: Global
Authors: Emma Crewe

The Anthropology of Parliaments will be published as an open access book in April/May 2021. It offers a fresh, comparative approach to analysing Parliaments and democratic politics, drawing together rare ethnographic work by anthropologists and politics scholars from around the world.

Crewe’s insights deepen our understanding of the complexity of political institutions. She reveals how elected politicians navigate relationships by forging alliances and thwarting opponents; parliamentary buildings are constructed as sites of work, debate and the nation in miniature; and politicians and officials engage with hierarchies, continuity and change. This book also proposes how to study parliaments through an anthropological lens while in conversation with other disciplines. The dive into ethnographies from across Europe, the US, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa demolishes hackneyed geo-political categories and culminates in a new comparative theory about the contradictions in everyday political work.

This important book will be of interest to anyone studying parliaments but especially those in the disciplines of anthropology and sociology; politics, legal and development studies; and international relations.