Yemengist Tesfahun Gebeye, Saleamlak Wallelign Kassa

This project identifies the causes of internal displacement in Ethiopia and its multi-faceted effects from a gendered perspective. Using a mixed-methods approach the team ask how the experiences of women in internally displaced people’s camps differ from (1) their male displaced counterparts, and (2) non-displaced women in neighbouring villages, with particular focus on the eastern and northern regions of Ethiopia. The research draws attention to contemporary political happenings, and in particular the relationship between the country’s current federal arrangements and ethnic tension and conflict.

About the research team

Yemengist Tesfahun Gebeye is from Amhara Region, Ethiopia. She earned her BA Degree in Cooperative Studies from Aksum University, and went on to lecture at Haramaya University before completing a Master’s degree in the management of agricultural business and value chains at Hawassa University’s School of Gender and Development Sudies. She has since returned as a Lecturer at Haramaya University in the Department of Cooperative Studies.

Saleamlak Wallelign earned his undergraduate degree from Haramaya University’s Department of Cooperative Studies and retuned there as a Lecturer after completing his Master’s degree at Addis Ababa University. He has participated in training workshops on a range of issues to augment his knowledge and skills and has extensive experience providing community services.