Publication Type: Film / video
Countries: Ethiopia
Authors: Netsanet Gabremichael
Funders: AHRC GCRF

Dr Netsanet Gebremichael explains in a three part video her 2 year research project and exhibition about women’s resistance in Ethiopia – held in the Gebre Kristos Desta Modern Art Museum in Addis Ababa in May-June 2021 – which was funded by SOAS’s Global Research Network on Parliaments and People. In these three short clips she explains:

Part 1 – introducing the exhibition and the research

Part 2 – archive and oral history: objects, documents and narratives given by women involved in the movement from 1950s to 1974

Part 3 – display of the public archive: statements, newspaper articles, letters and other documents depicting the history of debates about women’s emancipation