Myat The Thitsar

This project provided the first ever performance analysis of state and regional parliaments in Myanmar, identifying the challenges that local legislatures face and the efforts required to strengthen them as part of the country’s democratic transition. The performance analysis covers the period from the 2015 general election to 2019 and is published in Burmese and English. It is accompanied by a documentary in which parliamentarians, and those who study parliaments, reflect on the report, its analysis, and how it can contribute to deeper understanding of sub-national parliamentary work and provide a basis for strengthening local institutions for the future.

Myat The Thitsar’s second project ‘Audit of political engagement’ explored people’s relationships with politics and parliamentarians across the country’s states and regions, this project looked specifically at the power dynamics, capacity, and effectiveness of local legislatures. Thus, together they provide a comprehensive set of insights into political architecture and relationships spanning the entire country. And they set the foundation for ongoing and robust multi-disciplinary research in the field.